April 21, 2016

Unitz You Should Visit

Hey Woozens! Have you ever been bored and had nothing to do on woozworld? Well here are a couple of ideas of where you could go...

1. A trade center is awesome because really, not only can you make new friends but you can also trade your old clothes so new ones! Ok ok you guys are like "snap back to reality" because no one will trade for old clothes. But really you never know someone may be looking for that one item you have.

2. Woozen Quest is great because there is always something to talk about.That room if filled with fun, wierdness, lies, and most of drama. You'll never get bored.

3. A high school is a great place also.Now your probably like sweet, what are you thinking i don't want to learn! Well calm down your not going to. In these type of rooms you make friends! Friends are always there for you <3.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed and don't get bored! Leave any requests in the chat bar on our home page and see ya next time!

- Sweetjennyk

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