March 29, 2016

Minor Update!

Hey! So I was updating and adding some clothes to my 'Lovey Cheap Beex Shop - Happy Spring' and noticed that there was a minor update. Now I'm not sure when this update was added but I just noticed it now :P

Drag an item from your inventory to the mannequin and instead of having to click on the mannequin to change the price, you'll get this pop-up:

From this pop-up, you can edit the price without having to physically click the mannequin. But if you want to lock the mannequin or edit the quantity of the product, you'll have to click the mannequin. 

I just saw this while updating my shop and wanted to share with my fellow woozens in case some of you were out of touch like I was :P

Signing off

Easter Quiz Answers!

Hey guys, Fair here 😊 I'm going to make this short but here are the Easter quiz answers. I know this came out on the 25th but o wasn't able to do it until now (the 29th) so sorry for the wait:

1. Italy

2. false

3. ears

4. halloween

5. true

6. florida

7. peeps

8. ukraine

9. 1878

10. sunday

Signing off, Fair 

March 28, 2016


Hi Woozens!
Im Sky-Heaven
Or Sky for short!

It is a huge privilage to be apart of this family and it is an honour to be able to post things for you guys :D

Basic infomation about Me:
- Whats your name? -          
    I Prefer to be called Sky <3

- How Long Have You been playing Woozworld for? -    
         4 years :D

- What Country Are You From? -
Australia Mate ;D

- What is your favourite Colour? -
Baby Blue For Dayzzzz

- Favorite Thing About Woozworld? -
The Competitions! of course! im a very competitive person, i love to win but im not a bad sport when i loose, Fashion contests are my favourite i love anything fashion related <3

-Are You A Vip?-
Nu :C but soon ;D

-What do you want to be when you are older -
       I Would love to become a lawyer, an enviromental lawyer, i love nature and caring for all of natures animals and i will fight to protect them <3

-Favourite Song? -
Dangerous Woman By Ariana Grande ;D

- What will i see you wearing? -
Blonde--   Long Ponytail
Baby Blue--  Heart Sweater
Baby blue--  Studded heels
Doughnut Symbz ;D

- Your Faithfully <3 Sky

March 27, 2016



And if you don't celebrate easter, hope you had a fun long weekend :D

March 24, 2016

It's almost Easter?!

Hey guys, is it just me or does anyone else find it really weird that Easter is going to be in March and not April this year? Just me? Anyways, so, as always, Woozworld has a special Easter-related opportunity for you to earn prizes such as wooz! Also, if you collect those bunnies that pop up around Woozworld, you get 2 beex for each.

On another note, there's also a new Easter objective named OmEGGaz. For the 1st objective, you have to go to a special unit in which you're greeted by a bunny surrounded by grass bunny statues (ironically on Easter Island) :P

And... new signoff!!

March 08, 2016

Women's Day Quiz Answers!

Happy International Women's Day! Remember to take this time to thank your moms, sisters, aunts, grandmother, or any other special women, for all that they have done for you! Here are the answers to the Women's Day Quiz (to find the unit, search 'Women's Day' in Search Unitz):

1. 1948
2. false
3. 17
4. false
5. 1996
6. true
7. 108
8. true
9. 0
10. false

After completing the quiz, enjoy the generous prize of:

200 beex and 50 wooz!