September 03, 2015

What are Cliques?

You know how cliques are. You've probably seen them at school. There's always a 'Popular' group and then there's probably a 'Nerd' group. Now, you can experience these types of cliques in Woozworld! Just today, Woozworld released 5 cliques. There's the Punks, Smarties, Athletes, Dramz & the Preps. Now, you might not know exactly what a clique is.

A clique is: A small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

So which Woozworld clique should YOU join? Let me help you choose.

Punks = Woozens that don't care about, pretty much, anything. According to most websites, punks vandalize and do graffiti. They also skateboard x)

Smarties = This obviously refers to the nerds and woozens who like to study. Their best friend is a book and nothing is better than school for them. They'll try never to break school rules.

Athletes = All the woozens who love sports much more than school and actively participate in teams such as basketball, rugby, baseball etc.

Dramz = A clique for those woozens that love Drama so much that it's their favorite subject. Most likely, Dramz woozens want to become actors and actresses when they graduate. All of life is a stage for these woozens.

Preps = Most preps follow all the school rules. They are more ambitious than other cliques and know everything trending in fashion and are on top of the latest styles.

To join a clique, go to the correct unitz and click on the open box. 

Comment below what clique you think you are a part of in real life and which one you want to join in Woozworld.

Thanks for reading!
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