June 25, 2015

#different2gether Video Contest Winners

Hii! ♥ Cookie here! 

This article is about the #different2gether video challenge winners!!!

The winners are:

Qwertyzac and her amazing video:
Alexrider1 submitted and won with this inspirational video:
Frozenheart and her story:

angelstarfaith and her helpful advice:

And.. Purpleskull95's video about gender discrimination (and personally my favourite video ;)) :

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June 18, 2015

LoganWooz is visiting w/ new SUMMER outfits :: REVIEW

Hello hello hello! Omigod, it's been a while since I've posted anything :O I got really lazy and busy with stuff, and couldn't log on to Woozworld or the blog that much :( Anyways, I'm not that busy anymore and will be posting more often from now on :D BTW, our blog is going to be updated very very soon so watch out for that as well. With that, we go into the postttttttt. First we'll be discussing the new Logan-inspired summer styles :)

 So we have 'Swiftastic', 'TotallyTubular', 'Rawdacious','Aweighsome.' 


So this outfit is obviously supposed to be something Taylor Swift would wear and they even drew the woozen to look like Taylor. The default pink color of the outfit is really pretty and works well with the red sunglasses and lipstick. They should include the lips with the hair but they don't :( I love how the top and skirt go together to make a summer dress style. The shoes aren't that clear yet but they look pretty good. The default hair color also matches well with the entire outfit. If you do buy this, we recommend you color the entire thing one color.

Hair: 5/5
Top: 5/5
Skirt: 3/5 (why the skirt if the top comes with one?)
Shoes: 4/5 (flats would look better)
Style: 4.5/5

My favorite part of the outfit: The hair with the sunglasses and earrings.

Outfit 2: TotallyTurbular

The model looks good with this outfit on but I would recommend a different face if you do buy this for $4.99. The pieces of the outfit match well although the hair is not my most favorite. The tube top with the lace is looking nice and so are the shorts w/ lace. Wedges are the better choice and I'm glad they didn't choose flats or running shoes or something ;)

Hair: 3/5
Top: 5/5
Shorts: 5/5
Shoes: 5/5 
Style: 4/5

My favorite part of the outfit: The tube top with lace because it gives such a summer-y and 'light' look

Outfit 3: Rawdacious

This outfit spells 'PUNK' to me, for some reason (maybe the ripped jeans?) Anyways, it is awesome, wish there was something like this for girls! Anyways, the spiked hair goes well with the ripped jeans and the vest. They could've done a better job on the shoes though because they kind of look like sandals or slip-ons or something.

Hair: 4/5
Top: 5/5
Jeans: 5/5
Shoes: 3/5
Style: 4/5

My favorite part of the outfit: The vest

Outfit 4: Aweighsome

 Maroon was a really good color choice because it gives the outfit a 'dark look.' I like the zipper thing on the shirt and the anchors on the shorts probably give this outfit its name. There's not much to say about this outfit so here are the ratings:
Hair: 4.5/5
Top: 5/5
Shorts: 5/5
Shoes: 4/5
Style: 4.5/5

My favorite part of the outfit: The anchor shorts :)

So that is it for today but I'll be again sooner this time :)
Fairview1 xoxo