August 31, 2015

This Weeks Best Outfits

Welcome to FOTW (Favourite Outfits of The Week.) Keep an eye out for FOTW posts where I will be posting my fave outfits of the week! Let's begin our very first FOTW post with 6 of the best outfits I wore this week:


Fairview1 :)

August 27, 2015

New Outfits + Level 50!

As everyone knows, WNS is currently going on in Woozworld and in honour of that, Woozworld has released not 4, but 8 new outfits in Store available to buy! Here they are:

 All the outfits are USD $4.99 and are based on real artists (JelennaGomez = Selena Gomez, MyllieGoulding=Ellie GouldingAllTimeMax=AllTimeLow,JayCole=J.Cole)
Also, finally, I'm now level 50! Thank you for all the woozens that helped me reach here! :)

Fairview1, xoxo (level 50)

Unitz Backgrounds for Beex?!

JayWooz announced that all unitz backgrounds will now cost Beex! This is probably one of the best updates Woozworld has made for us non-VIP's! There are currently 38 backgrounds to choose from, ranging from 350 beex - 2100 beex with one background just for VIP's. So, which backgrounds are you going to buy?

August 22, 2015

Woozworld's Next Superstar 2015!

I'm back people! And I'm ready to start posting (almost) daily again :) So, Woozworld's Next Superstar has got all of Woozworld really excited, including me! Everywhere you look, news about this glamourous event is spreading to every single woozen. Here are some things to do while WNS fever is around Woozworld:

  • Take part in the WNS Unitz Contest to gain visits and popularity!
  • Complete the new ObjectivZ and choose the genre you want to support (Dance, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop!)
  • Buy some new star-worthy outfits from Store
  • Buy the newly added WNS furniture (available in ShopZ)
  • Complete the WNS quizzes (one for each genre)
  • Dress up all fancy just to look good ;)
Talk to ya'll soon! <3


WNS Quizzes (POP, Hip Hop, Rock & Dance) Answers

I completed all 4 WNS quizzes! Here are the answers so you can finish them too!:

1. gonna be alright
2. the bleeding sun
3. american dream
4. light the way
5. meghan trainor
6. that we got
7. in a bottle
8. to protect our home

What you get for completing: 50 beex + WNS Microphone Trophy

1. david guetta
2. have a good time
3. dark horse
4. wave after wave
5. fire away
6. lean on
7. forgive you
8. I'm all yours
9. just admit it
10. land and see

What you get for completing: 50 beex + WNS Double Eighth Note Trophy

1. darkest skies
2. but you will remember me 
3. a weapon
4. just keep your eyes on me
5. there's nowhere we can hide
6. say your prayers
7. all sound the same
8. just not for long
9. at the start
10. metallica megadeth

What you get for completing: 50 beex + WNS Drum Trophy

1. beyonce
2. five more hours
3. cut the legs off him
4. the morning sun
5. no more
6. trouble to me
7. soprano
8. nicki minaj
9. love it
10. avicci

What you get for completing: 50 beex + WNS Piano Trophy

XOXO, Fairview1 :)