February 08, 2016

5 simple steps to being faceless!

Have you ever wanted to be faceless in Woozworld? Did you never understand how to do it? Well, now you can! I recently found out how to be faceless and now, I shall share it with you:

What you need:
  • A transferable face
  • A friend or someone you want to trade the face with (if you want the face back after this, ask a friend to trade you and give it back to you after)
  • Closet

1. Find a transferable face in your inventory (I will be using 'girl yeti face' as an example)
2. Open up your inventory and trade your friend or another woozen. Add the transferable face but DON'T CLICK CONFIRM YET!

3. After you've added the face, go to your closet and wear the same face you've added into the trade (be sure to click 'Wear Outfit' in the bottom right)
4. After you've worn the face, cancel the closet and click CONFIRM on the trade.

5. You should still be wearing the face but when you refresh, you will be faceless :D

Ta-da! It's that easy! Only 5 steps required. 

If you didn't understand our tutorial, watch this awesome video by a fellow woozen who will show you the exact same thing (but in video mode.)

Hope you enjoyed, looking forward do seeing some faceless woozens! :)

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