February 29, 2016

Have you seen this?

Today, I clicked on and began to read the newest volume of WoozPaper. As I was reading, I stumbled on 'Articles From Woozens.' As I continued to read, I saw this:

Now, take a minute to read it, if you haven't already. Done? 

I like this article, I really do but does no one else think that we shouldn't be caring this much about a game? I mean, how can you even 'ignore woozens who aren't rich.' It isn't real life; if someone ignores you on Woozworld, do you really care? 

I think the bigger message of this article by Stellalovee is that we shouldn't judge people (not woozens) by their clothes and looks. Judging people based on their clothes, class, looks in real life -- now that's something I care about. What about you?

Thanks for joining us :)