April 30, 2016

Mya Lied?!

Hey Woozens! Sweet here. It turns out that Mya Wooz has lied! Approximately a month or two ago, Mya promised woozworld that Filis and Evalis would be transferable. Time as passed and it's still not transferable yet. All of us want it transferable. Now woozens, don't get me wrong, I love Mya and I'm not trying to hate. So please don't call me a hater because I love Mya as much as you do :) Anyways, when will Mya and the woozband make Filis and Evalis transferable? See you soon and leave requests in our chat bar and check out our latest article for more info on ads!


April 26, 2016

Ads on the blog?

Hey woozens,

You may have noticed ads on the blog and wondered why...

These ads have been activated ONLY so that we can buy outfits and VIP from the woozworld store and reward our top readers.

Every once in a while, we'll post the username of the woozen who wins the prize so make sure to comment on our posts so we know who you are and that you read our blog :D

To enter for the chance to win, click on ads and COMMENT as much as you can. We guarantee the ads are safe but if you have doubts, let me know the title of the ad in 'contact us.'

Thanks for reading

Hope to reward you guys soon :D


Feeling: Psyched πŸ˜œ
P.S I'm gonna start adding my feeling at the end of every post from now on :D

April 21, 2016

Unitz You Should Visit

Hey Woozens! Have you ever been bored and had nothing to do on woozworld? Well here are a couple of ideas of where you could go...

1. A trade center is awesome because really, not only can you make new friends but you can also trade your old clothes so new ones! Ok ok you guys are like "snap back to reality" because no one will trade for old clothes. But really you never know someone may be looking for that one item you have.

2. Woozen Quest is great because there is always something to talk about.That room if filled with fun, wierdness, lies, and most of drama. You'll never get bored.

3. A high school is a great place also.Now your probably like sweet, what are you thinking i don't want to learn! Well calm down your not going to. In these type of rooms you make friends! Friends are always there for you <3.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed and don't get bored! Leave any requests in the chat bar on our home page and see ya next time!

- Sweetjennyk

April 20, 2016

3 Woozworld Life Hacks!

Hey Woozens! Sweet here. Today I'll be teaching you 3 woozworld life hacks that you may not have known about...

1. So this first one is pretty obvious but if you hate daily quests like me... just go to the quest and at the bottom of the pop up page will be a red box saying 
 cancel quest!   

2. The second hack is one where you can change your profile picture. You probably know this one because it was introduced with the new woozworld update. But all you gotta do is go to your closet and at the bottom you will see a camera...and what ever outfit you're wearing, will be the outfit you're  wearing in the picture.

3.This is kinda hard to explain so bear with me. But you can improve the quality of your pictures by going to the gear up top of your screen.Press that...
 then press options and once you get there go to picture quality and press high quality.

Hopefully these hacks will help you and give us some requests in our chat bar on our home page or message me on woozworld! See ya!



April 19, 2016

7 tips to make Woozworld a better place!

I'd like to start off by saying that many woozens think they can't make a difference in the (Wooz) world... Well, I'd like to let you know that you can and All Things Woozworld would like to help you.  If you have a suggestion or idea that you'd like to make known, contact us and we'll publish it on our blog (with or without your Woozen's name - your choice.) You never know when you're idea will become a reality. For this post, I just scrolled through Wallz of the Woozband and hand-picked some of the suggestions I think should become real in Woozworld:

Click the photos to enlarge them and read the great ideas!

I would LOVE to see these ideas come true! Comment what your favourite is, what you agree with, what you disagree with and if you have ideas of your own!

Fairview1 xoxo

April 18, 2016

Are Woozworld blogs outdated?

Lately, I've been noticing that out of all the Woozworld blogs (and there are tons!), only two or three have been active over the last few months (such as All Things Woozworld.) This has lead me to think; have Woozworld blogs become outdated? Is there a need for so many Woozworld blogs? Should official Woozworld blogs be changed? Let us know what you think in comments below.

Official Woozworld Fansites and their last post date:

Woozworld Burst - domain expired - last post was February 11, 2016

Woozworld Craze - last post was December 25, 2015

Woozworld Little Secrets - active

Woozworld Warriorz - last post was January 17, 2016

Social Wooz - last post was March 29, 2016 (fairly active)

Deadline Rewritten - last post was January 3, 2016

Woozen Watch - last post was March 3, 2016

Woozworld Spies - last post was March 23, 2016

As you can see, most of the official woozworld blogs haven't posted for over a month! Does this mean Woozworld blogs are no longer needed?! We hope not! :'( We love writing posts for you and reading your comments and ideas! Hopefully, All Things Woozworld will never be inactive!

Thanks for reading,
Let us know your opinions in comments below :)

April 12, 2016

Style Watch #1

 Since so many woozens in Woozworld have such fashionable outfits now, I've decided to start a new series of posts called Style Watch. In each Style Watch, I will show you different outfits modelled by different woozens; outfits I think are fashionable and deserve some recognition. 

What can you do with these?

  • See what the hottest fashions in Woozworld are!
  • If you like an outfit and have the garments, go ahead and wear it :)
  • Be inspired; mix n' match to create your own original ideas
Anyways, so these are pictures of some woozens who have outfits that look stylish (and may be affordable!)

Modelled by: catfangirl
 Modelled by: iloveupeoplebow
Modelled by: Fairview1 (me! :D)
Modelled by: Me, again :D
I hope you were a tad inspired by these pics of awesome woozens and awesome outfits xD Especially the last two...JK JK, but thanks to all the models :D


April 10, 2016

Zeena's AmaZing Collection

Hey guys! Today I'll be introducing you to Zeena's new fashion line for us woozens. As usual there are two girl outfits and two boy outfits. Stay till the end because there will be more!

Zealous Outfit
-Girl outfit
-With VIP:4.99
-Without VIP:3.99
-Comes with 1 week VIP

Zest Outfit
-Girl outfit
-With VIP:4.99
-Without VIP:3.99
-Comes with 1 week VIP

Zoom Outfit
-Boy outfit
-With VIP:4.99
-Without VIP:3.99
-Comes with 1 week VIP

Zingy Outfit
-Boy outfit
-With VIP:4.99
-Without Vip:3.99
-Comes with 1 week VIP

Those are all the outfits but Zeena also added some extras so you can mix and match!

All 2.99

All 2.99

All 2.99

Ok guys that's it, I promise! That was a lot of pictures. Anyways, hope you liked this article! If you have any requests leave them in the comments or in our chat bar on our home page when you scroll down a bit. Have a great day!


April 09, 2016

Zeena Is Back!?

Is Zeena back?Oh yea she is.Shes trying to takeover the fashion economy in Woozworld! To be honest i don't know what economy means it just sounded cool.Anyways there is 2 quests which is the same thing as 2 sides.You can help Zeena come up with her Zpring fashion line and takeover the Woozworld fashion or you can help the Woozband find Zeena and stop her!Which side do you choose? But were is Zack?I'm sure he has something to do with this too...If you have any requests leave them in the comments! Have a great day.


April 07, 2016


Hey everyone, MusicDIVA101 here! I'm so excited to start writing, and answering questions. I plan to post once every 2 weeks, maybe more, on the hot topics, and current events in Woozworld! I would love to be friends with everyone, so if you're reading this go onto Woozworld right now, and add MusicDIVA101! I also try to host a color game every Monday at 9PM WT, so you can catch me there, too!

If you have any requests in what you would like to see from me, message me on Woozworld!

MusicDIVA101 out! :)

6 Easy Ways to Earn Beex!

Do you want to earn beex? Well, then I've got a few simple ways that any woozen can use to earn beex, become rich and buy all the virtual stuff you'll ever need :P Let's begin!

1. Vote or be voted

One simple way of earning beex is voting and being voted (but don't go around asking people for votes over and over again - that gets annoying.) One vote will give you 2 beex so if you're level 50 (like me), voting will give you an easy 160 beex.

2. Wheel of Winz

This wheel of winz appears on the top-right corner every 24 hours and you have the opportunity to win over 1000 beex! So make sure you spin the wheel whenever you can :D

3. Complete Woozband quizzes

You get 25 beex for every quiz (sometimes more) so make sure to complete every quiz the Woozband releases (such as Finish the Lyrics.)

4. Complete daily objectives

Every daily objective gives you over 50 beex to make sure to complete as many as you can.

5. Open a shop

This beex-making way is a little more tough and only works if you have extra unwanted clothing (sorry to all the new woozens.) The good thing about opening a shop is that you'll continue making beex even when you're offline! To get more woozens to visit your shop, put your unit on eventz when you're online and invite friends/advertise on your wallz.

6. Host a game

Another way is hosting a game such as a theme game, color game, twin game etc.  You might be wondering, how do I earn beex from hosting a game? Well, when woozens lose, give them the option to "BUY, TRADE OR BE OUT" and if they choose buy, ta-da, you've got yourself a sale.

So ya, that concludes my 6 easy ways to earn beex in Woozworld. If you've got more, please comment them below and we'll credit you.

Thanks for reading,

April 05, 2016

WNTM Runway

Hey Guys!Did you attend yesterdays event?WNTM with Mya!If you don't know what WNTM is its a fashion game were there is a theme every week and the woozins outfit that coordinates best with the theme wins!This week i would like to congratulate Zulaeyka.Our new star of the week!In second place was Burgerpants and in third place was David540.So congratulations to them!Im not quite sure what this weeks theme was but if you know comment in our chat bar!Heres a cute picture of Mya and of new star of the week! 

Hope you liked todays article!If you have any requests comment in our chat bar on our home page!See ya!


April 04, 2016

April Outfits !

Hey Woozins! Today ill be talking about the new April outfits!These outfits are made by people like us. Woozins ! It's amazing how someone can be so talented.There is 4 outfits as always two girl ones and two boy ones.The two girl ones are called CoachDenise.The second one is called CoachMini.The two boy ones are called CoachOllie and CoachKiou. Here is some more information!

CoachDenise : 

  • With VIP costs 4.99
  • Without VIP costs 3.99
  • Girl Outfit #1
  • Comes with 1 week VIP


  • With VIP costs 4.99
  • Without VIP costs 3.99
  • Girl outfit #2
  • Comes with 1 week VIP


  • With VIP costs 4.99
  • Without VIP costs 3.99
  • Boy Outfit #1
  • Comes with 1 week VIP

  • With VIP costs 4.99
  • Without VIP costs 3.99
  • Boy Outfit #2
  • Comes with 1 Week VIP

Hopefully you guys liked it ! If you have any article requests please message me on Woozworld or comment in our chat bar on our home page!See you next time !

- Sweetjennyk

April 03, 2016

Introducing Sweet

Hey Guys ! Im Sweet.Im a new blogger! Im not new to the blog...some of you may remember me from when this site was on wix. I had to take a break because i had problems but now ill be able to write for you guys as much as i can! So if you have any article requests feel free to message me on Woozworld or comment any requests in the chat bar on our home page.See you guys around ! 


April 01, 2016


Hello my fellow readers. This is Fairview1 writing. After many days of thinking and thinking about Woozworld and this blog, I realized something... This blog is no good. Which is why, with a ton of disappointment and a heavy heart, I have come to a decision. All Things Woozworld will be closing forever. I just can't keep up with posting and I'm sure this blog probably doesn't have many loyal readers anyways. If you are a loyal reader, I'm sorry but maybe you'll find another blog... I hope I haven't disappointed too many of you. I'd also like to say sorry to my fellow bloggers and all woozens for letting you down. 

I'm sorry... :'(


Signing off for the last time here on All Things Woozworld, Fairview1

Oh, and another thing...


We're not leaving you guys yet :D Lol, that was just a little prank I wanted to pull on you guys!

I hope you liked it xD I didn't want you guys thinking we were actually shutting down which is why I wrote april fools down here instead on in another post.

Signing off (not for the last time),