October 21, 2016

Chat Filter Broken?!

The chat filter is broken right now and people are saying whatever they want D: But keep in mind, most of them are getting banned! So before you go taking advantage of this, remember, all actions have consequences!

Just wanted to write a short post, bye bye!

October 20, 2016

Halloween Costumes + Questz Galore!

So, Halloween is just around the corner (only 11 days from today! :D) Woozworld has been releasing Halloween quests and clothing non stop for these past few weeks and I thought it was time I let you guys know what I think about these. Honestly, it's not a bad idea as I can see a lot of woozens are buying the costumes so Woozworld is probably making money right now which is why they keep releasing more and more costumes. 

These are the latest costumes. I find the clown one the creepiest (because of the clown situation atm.) Also, the caption makes it creepier!

Also, as if the werewolf, zombie, headless and pirate symbz weren't enough, Woozworld just added a Zoomworld symbz so now we can be turned into Zoomies too (and not the cute kind.) I was hoping no one would use it on me but alas, that wish didn't come true. Here's how I looked as a Zoomie:

I also submitted a design in the November Design Contest which ended on October 14th and am anxiously waiting for the results. Let's hope I make it xD Thanks!

Signing off,

October 08, 2016

My 100 Beex Sale!

So, today, I had a 100 beex sale and I'd say it was quite successful! I had intended it to be a 500 beex sale but very few woozens showed up so I thought why not do a 100 beex sale? I'm writing this post to tell you guys a little about 100 beex sales and tips to having your own.

So, what happened? Well, first, woozens showed up but kept leaving because while they were waiting, I was advertising so I guess they ran out of patience. Anyways, I finally got 10 woozens and then I started. I sold a bunch of stuff from rebel, snowflake dress, ponytail, country hair and more! I probably made over 3000 beex from stuff I really didn't even want anymore. Now, I can use this new beex to buy stuff I actually want.

I wanted to let you guys know that you should try out a 100 beex sale because you can make some beex from stuff you don't even want (not too poor though). That's all from me today! Sorry for the small post.