October 08, 2016

My 100 Beex Sale!

So, today, I had a 100 beex sale and I'd say it was quite successful! I had intended it to be a 500 beex sale but very few woozens showed up so I thought why not do a 100 beex sale? I'm writing this post to tell you guys a little about 100 beex sales and tips to having your own.

So, what happened? Well, first, woozens showed up but kept leaving because while they were waiting, I was advertising so I guess they ran out of patience. Anyways, I finally got 10 woozens and then I started. I sold a bunch of stuff from rebel, snowflake dress, ponytail, country hair and more! I probably made over 3000 beex from stuff I really didn't even want anymore. Now, I can use this new beex to buy stuff I actually want.

I wanted to let you guys know that you should try out a 100 beex sale because you can make some beex from stuff you don't even want (not too poor though). That's all from me today! Sorry for the small post.


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