May 21, 2017

Surprise for readers!

To all my lovely readers.... it is almost time for a giveaway!

Be excited because thanks to you guys, the blog has almost made $20, meaning I can purchase either a 12-month VIP for one of you, or clothes, or wooz! So, keep clicking those ads, and tell me what you want in comments. VIP, clothes (from store or ShopZ), wooz, beex or literally anything else! I'm so excited to give back πŸ˜ƒ

I will be holding a contest soon, in which you will be able to enter so keep an eye out!

Fair, signing off.

May 19, 2017

VIP in ShopZ?!

Hey guys! Did you hear that we will now be able to buy VIP from ShopZ? That's right! It costs 1280 wooz and lasts 1 month! But.... this VIP will not provide an allowance of 60 beex and 90 wooz... which got me thinking of the benefits. If you don't get beex and wooz, is it really worth it? Let's go over some of these benefits:

1. Gold bubble
2. More WoozIn themes
3. Block ads in unit
4. More people in units
5. Wear VIP-only clothes
6. Buy VIP-only units, symbz
and a few more...

Personally, I don't think I will be buying this VIP anytime soon but I think it is a great option for those who don't want to spend real money on a game :)

-fair (new signoff coming soon)

March 25, 2017

Fairytale Maze 2 Answers

Hey! I just completed the Fairytale Maze 2 and decided to show you how you can get your prize!

The tiles you need to click are the highlighted and numbered ones (in that order)

The prize is 100 beex, 5 wooz and a small green and pink mushroom (seen in the photo above)


March 19, 2017

Welcome back to me :P

Hello world! I'm back! I have been away for a while due to... let's just say life πŸ˜› Also, I think blogger recently updated their "emoji database" so you'll be seeing a lot of those from now on because let's face it, who doesn't love emojis? 😏 I just wish they were colored :(

So, I haven't been on Woozworld in about 3 months... someone tell me what's been going on? I promise I will log in soon but until then, someone catch me up?

Thanks :P

Hope you're having an awesome spring break!


January 07, 2017

Your Last Chance !!

Hey guys, happy new year ! I just wanted to let you know of the 2016 Faves section in Shopz. This will be your last chance to get these outfits from the year of 2016 so you better hurry because they're only in Shopz for a limited time ; as of today there gone in 4 days. There is 13 boy outfits as well as 13 girl outfits. They are sold for wooz ranging from the prices of 800-1000. For the boys they are selling the : garnet outfit, biggest summer outfit, IndiZvidual outfit, MixUnderstood outfit, summerease outfit, jolted outfit, damon outfit, chatty outfit, fresco outfit, costa outfit, aladdin outfit, don juan outfit, and last but not least the lars outfit. For the girls they are selling the : villa outfit, carolina outfit, prepaige outfit, coolest summer outfit, Mixfit outfit, diamine outfit, juBilant outfit, emma outfit, crystal outfit, ziggy outfit, yasmine outfit, aurora outfit, and sigrid outfit. If you interested of getting any of these outfits hurry before they're gone ! See you next time :)