October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween (gift) + Crossword Puzzle (get beex!)

Good morning woozens! Today is October 31 which means lots of chocolate and costumes :D Happy Halloween to all! In honour of Halloween, Woozworld has added a sweet prize all woozens can get this Saturday and Sunday only! 

To get your special prize, go to: Central Plaza > Click on the orange chest on the right of the plaza

If you don't want to know what you get, read no further! 

If you do want to know though, keep reading ;)

By clicking on the orange chest in the plaza, you get... a Day Of The Dead Skull symbz.

Also, to celebrate Halloween, I bring to you a Halloween crossword. 
If you correctly complete this crossword, you'll get:
  • 1000 beex
  • A random garment

 The deadline to complete this crossword is Nov 5, 2015. Message your answers to me on Woozworld or make a private post on Google+ and tag me at +Woozworld Fairview1.

Thanks for visiting and have a spooktacular Halloween! 

October 22, 2015

Which Halloween bundle should you buy?

New costume packs are now available in Woozworld Store in preparation for Halloween which is now only 9 days away! :D If you're planning on buying, here's some help on which to choose. There are all the packs currently available:
3 different outfits with 5 dolloween faces; $9.99
Single outfits with no faces; $4.99 (probably not the best deal)
Girl or guy packs of two different outfits with corresponding faces; (5x) Ichabod & Dolloween 
Sleepy Hollow with 10 ichabod faces
Honestly, if I was to buy one of these, I would personally prefer to purchase the Living Doll Pack because it includes three different outfits + 5 dolloween faces. The $4.99 (single outfits) are not that good of a deal because if you add in only $5 more, you can get 3 different outfits and 5 dolloween faces with the Living Doll pack.

But, the decision is still up to you so choose what you want. This post was just to get my opinion out there. Enjoy whichever outfit you end up buying (if you do buy.)

Thanks for reading this short post,

October 20, 2015


Are you wondering what Ghoul-o-ween is? Or maybe you already know? Nonetheless, GHOUL-O-WEEN is what I'll be talking about today whether you know it or don't.

What is Ghoul-o-ween?: It's an event taking place in Woozworld as of October 20, 2015 based on Halloween (the word is made of the words; Ghoul and Halloween combined, if you didn't realize.)

There are 4 teams you can choose from to join for this event but remember, you can only choose one (until Nov. 2nd)!



To choose your team, search up the name of the team you want to join in Unitz Search.
Example: Mummy Ghoul HQ


After you've chosen a team (by clicking on the orange chest in the right HQ), you'll receive a symbz. 
When you want to infect any woozens that aren't already infected,
1. Put on your Symbz
2. Click the symbol at the bottom left and click activate. After you click activate, all non-infected woozens will turn and after 7 minutes, you can repeat.


There are two ways to avoid being infected (you can still be infected but not as easily)
1. Buy/go to a safehouse
To buy, go to Shopz and find any unitz with the word 'safehouse' in its name. If you don't have enough wooz to buy, search up 'safehouse' in unit search and as long as you're in the safehouse, you cannot be infected.
*As soon as you leave the safehouse, you can be infected by other woozens.

2. Buy a protection hairstyle (also available in Shopz.)

*As soon as you take the hairstyle off, you can be infected by other woozens.


If you just don't want to be infected and look normal (you might miss out on all the fun though), just buy the anti-ghoul potion from Woozworld Store for $1.99


The winning team who transforms the most woozens, will receive a special prize but there is no clue as to what it is yet. Most likely an achievement or some kind of object (trophy, shirt etc.)

Hope to catch ya next time and enjoy the Halloween fun Woozworld has planned for you :)

October 15, 2015

Costumes Galore + Esqueleta Comeback!

We've got a lot to discuss to let's jump right in! Since we're getting closer and closer to Halloween, Woozworld has just released a bunch of costumes you can mix and match to create your own original costume (or just wear the normal costume if you're too lazy to be creative; like me.) Here are all the costumes you get for $19.99 (honestly, which is an O.K price I guess.) These are all the costumes available:

For all ya girls out there!
Costumes that are included are:
Plant Girl

Vampire Girl
Yeti Girl
Girl Werewolf
Girl Water Monster
Skeleton Girl
Mad Scientist
(Either Woozworld wasn't really creative with the names of these outfits or they really wanted to emphasize that these costumes are for girls)

And then these are the costumes for the boys:
For any boys reading this
The costumes included in the boys collection are:
Vampire Boy

Yeti Boy
Werewolf Boy
Boy Water Monster
Plant Boy
Skeleton Boy
Mad Scientist Boy 
(Gotta admit, these names are pretty predictable)

There's also the cheaper version if you aren't willing to spend $20 but instead of 8 costumes, you get 4 for $10.
4 for $10; Boys
4 for $10: Girls
Onto the next topic of our blog post....

ESQUELETA IS BACK (till Oct 22, 2015) 

Be sure to get it now before it's gone and who knows if it'll ever be sold again?! Also, if you're not sure if you should buy it or not, here's a glimpse of what other woozens have been saying about the return of the Esqueleta:

Make up your decision and be sure to let us know YOUR opinion in the comments down below!

Thanks for visiting, hope you come again :)


October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving (Canadian) Word Search Answers!

I hope you enjoyed filling out the word search I posted yesterday (Canadian Thanksgiving) and also hope you enjoyed some delicious turkey with your family! I know today's not my posting day but... here are the answers to the Thanksgiving word search. If you got all of them correct, congratulations you're pretty smart. If you didn't get most of them, well, it's ok because on Halloween, All Things Woozworld will be posting a Halloween Crossword puzzle and if you correctly fill out all of it, you'll get a prize (on Woozworld!) So here are the answers:

Thanks for reading, cya on October 15th ;)

October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving (Canadian) Word Search!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians on my blog! Hope you have an awesome day and there's probably no school for you guys either ;) Secondly, sorry I didn't get time to post on Thursday :( So to celebrate thanksgiving, here is a word search I put together! Answers posted tomorrow ;)

Happy Thanksgiving once again <3

October 11, 2015

New Blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! As you may know from the title that im a new blogger! Some of you may know me from the blog ''Our Woozworld'' No i'm not quitting that blog but im gonna be writing for two!!
I am super excited to start writing for this blog huge thanks to the owner of the blog for letting me write and soo here is a little about me!

Strawberry-emu :)

Hi guys my name is Strawberry-emu as some of you may know. Some people call me straw or starberry ;D 

I joined Woozworld on August 15, 2015 (Three months already wow). My best friends are MeganCarrie and Mikkey1992 and my boyfriend kristi-sweet-boy! My favorite music group is Panic! at the disco! i know a lot of 4-5 years people on Woozworld XD. My favorite Woozband is Mya! My color code is either a blue or red! I love hanging out at Woozen's quest and woozband events! My friends say I'm one of a kind and funny! anyways xD I started blogging one month ago on my friends blog MeganCarrie!

I'm always on Woozworld so feel free to add me (at Strawberry-emu of course xD). I hope to see any of you guys around feel free to say hi or pc! Well thats it for me! Cya All things woozworld  fans! baiiiiiii xD

So now some of you guys know about me bye!


October 05, 2015

Halloween Unitz Design Contest!

It's close to Halloween and Woozworld has just released the Unitz contest for this week! The theme is: Halloween (obviously!) This contest is a bit different than the normal ones as it requires a team of woozens to get together to make the unit. The rules for this contest are below :) You can buy the furni and "decor" from Shopz > Halloween (pictured below):
The unitz to enter in: "Halloween Unitz Design Contest"
The rules and info (if you're interested in entering)
How you can buy the furniture for this contest and enter now! :D
That's pretty much it for today :) Just wanted to inform you guys about this contest if you haven't been online. Also, I might be participating in this contest but I need a team so msg me (at Fairview1) on Woozworld if you're interested in being a part of my team :)

Signing off,

Outfit Of The Week 2!

Hello everyone Vamp here again with our SECOND OUTFITTT!! I'm so excited to be holding this position! Remember woozens keep dressing amazing and maybe someday you'll be up here!

Today We Have NightyBear! The Following Things Listed Are A Part Of Her Outfit!


Hair: Messy Pixel Bow Bun

Face: Invitation

Tattooz: Razor Ears

Top: Mermaid Princess Bikini

Bottom: Tarzan Loin Cloth

Shoes: Spring Break Sandals


(Vamp) : What do you think about your outfit?

(Nighty): Well I don't know what to say about it really, I like the colors and everything.

(Vamp): Thank you very much! 

(Nighty): No Problem!

And there you have it folks! Our second outfit! Signing out!

October 02, 2015

Outfit Of The Week!

Hello Fellow Woozens, My name is Vampcutielol - Vamp for short. Today I will be showing you our outfit of the week!  If you ever see me around woozworld please pc me as I will always be looking for new outfits!

Today we have Romanz, The following things listed are a part of her outfit!


Hair: Spencie

Face: Excitement Face

Top: Heart Sweater

Bottom: Super-skinnies

Shoes: Tropicadorable Pineapple Tommiez

(Vamp):What Inspired You To Wear This Outfit?
(Romanz) : Well its kinda comfy looking and I prefer dressing comfy over 
super tight and skinny. Also its basically how I dress in reality-very comfy looking.
(Vamp) : Well thats very interesting! What would you rate your outfit and why?
(Romanz): I would give it a 6, after all it is how I normally dress lol ,and I like the way it looks on my woozen. Very unique.
(Vamp):  Very unique! Thank You, that will be all! 
(Romanz): No problem!
There you have it folks! Our first outfit of the week! Signing off!

October 01, 2015

Dramz & Smarty Quiz Answers

Happy October readers! Woozworld has released both the Dramz & Smarty Clique quiz answers and if you haven't  done it yet, here are the answers to both!

Dramz Answers:

1. Purple
2. Break a leg
3. Judy Garland
4. Yeti
5. Wicked
6. Glee
7. T
8. 9
9. Ava

Reward: 100 beex

Smarty Answers:

1. Blue
2. 3
3. 1959
4. Scrolls
5. Stephen Hawking
6. Librarian
7. T
8. Isosceles
9. Natalie Zoom

Reward: 100 beex

Enjoy your 200 beex! Makeover and giveaway and/or contest details being released Oct 5, 1015!

Cya! xoxo <3