October 02, 2015

Outfit Of The Week!

Hello Fellow Woozens, My name is Vampcutielol - Vamp for short. Today I will be showing you our outfit of the week!  If you ever see me around woozworld please pc me as I will always be looking for new outfits!

Today we have Romanz, The following things listed are a part of her outfit!


Hair: Spencie

Face: Excitement Face

Top: Heart Sweater

Bottom: Super-skinnies

Shoes: Tropicadorable Pineapple Tommiez

(Vamp):What Inspired You To Wear This Outfit?
(Romanz) : Well its kinda comfy looking and I prefer dressing comfy over 
super tight and skinny. Also its basically how I dress in reality-very comfy looking.
(Vamp) : Well thats very interesting! What would you rate your outfit and why?
(Romanz): I would give it a 6, after all it is how I normally dress lol ,and I like the way it looks on my woozen. Very unique.
(Vamp):  Very unique! Thank You, that will be all! 
(Romanz): No problem!
There you have it folks! Our first outfit of the week! Signing off!

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