October 15, 2015

Costumes Galore + Esqueleta Comeback!

We've got a lot to discuss to let's jump right in! Since we're getting closer and closer to Halloween, Woozworld has just released a bunch of costumes you can mix and match to create your own original costume (or just wear the normal costume if you're too lazy to be creative; like me.) Here are all the costumes you get for $19.99 (honestly, which is an O.K price I guess.) These are all the costumes available:

For all ya girls out there!
Costumes that are included are:
Plant Girl

Vampire Girl
Yeti Girl
Girl Werewolf
Girl Water Monster
Skeleton Girl
Mad Scientist
(Either Woozworld wasn't really creative with the names of these outfits or they really wanted to emphasize that these costumes are for girls)

And then these are the costumes for the boys:
For any boys reading this
The costumes included in the boys collection are:
Vampire Boy

Yeti Boy
Werewolf Boy
Boy Water Monster
Plant Boy
Skeleton Boy
Mad Scientist Boy 
(Gotta admit, these names are pretty predictable)

There's also the cheaper version if you aren't willing to spend $20 but instead of 8 costumes, you get 4 for $10.
4 for $10; Boys
4 for $10: Girls
Onto the next topic of our blog post....

ESQUELETA IS BACK (till Oct 22, 2015) 

Be sure to get it now before it's gone and who knows if it'll ever be sold again?! Also, if you're not sure if you should buy it or not, here's a glimpse of what other woozens have been saying about the return of the Esqueleta:

Make up your decision and be sure to let us know YOUR opinion in the comments down below!

Thanks for visiting, hope you come again :)


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