October 22, 2015

Which Halloween bundle should you buy?

New costume packs are now available in Woozworld Store in preparation for Halloween which is now only 9 days away! :D If you're planning on buying, here's some help on which to choose. There are all the packs currently available:
3 different outfits with 5 dolloween faces; $9.99
Single outfits with no faces; $4.99 (probably not the best deal)
Girl or guy packs of two different outfits with corresponding faces; (5x) Ichabod & Dolloween 
Sleepy Hollow with 10 ichabod faces
Honestly, if I was to buy one of these, I would personally prefer to purchase the Living Doll Pack because it includes three different outfits + 5 dolloween faces. The $4.99 (single outfits) are not that good of a deal because if you add in only $5 more, you can get 3 different outfits and 5 dolloween faces with the Living Doll pack.

But, the decision is still up to you so choose what you want. This post was just to get my opinion out there. Enjoy whichever outfit you end up buying (if you do buy.)

Thanks for reading this short post,

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