October 11, 2015

New Blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! As you may know from the title that im a new blogger! Some of you may know me from the blog ''Our Woozworld'' No i'm not quitting that blog but im gonna be writing for two!!
I am super excited to start writing for this blog huge thanks to the owner of the blog for letting me write and soo here is a little about me!

Strawberry-emu :)

Hi guys my name is Strawberry-emu as some of you may know. Some people call me straw or starberry ;D 

I joined Woozworld on August 15, 2015 (Three months already wow). My best friends are MeganCarrie and Mikkey1992 and my boyfriend kristi-sweet-boy! My favorite music group is Panic! at the disco! i know a lot of 4-5 years people on Woozworld XD. My favorite Woozband is Mya! My color code is either a blue or red! I love hanging out at Woozen's quest and woozband events! My friends say I'm one of a kind and funny! anyways xD I started blogging one month ago on my friends blog MeganCarrie!

I'm always on Woozworld so feel free to add me (at Strawberry-emu of course xD). I hope to see any of you guys around feel free to say hi or pc! Well thats it for me! Cya All things woozworld  fans! baiiiiiii xD

So now some of you guys know about me bye!


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