Woozworld History

Woozworld was founded in 2009 by Eric Brassard. It was originally called KidStudio and was headquartered in Quebec. Woozworld allows tweens (preteens) to interact in a virtual reality based environment. You can create an account in which you get your own avatar, a house-like room (known as unitz) and you can create your own business. I really like Woozworld (but then again, if I didn't, I wouldn't have made this blog.) Below are some pictures of the old Woozworld, back when we didn't have: WoozIn, rich clothes, famous woozens, Shopz and more! 

The old homepage. What a difference! 
The old Surface. Notice the different notification bubble and speech bubbles. 
Old Woozworld was called KidStudio. 
The old Woozband and their autographs. BTW, these outfits were considered rich then! 
Public Unit
Woozen Unit