October 05, 2015

Halloween Unitz Design Contest!

It's close to Halloween and Woozworld has just released the Unitz contest for this week! The theme is: Halloween (obviously!) This contest is a bit different than the normal ones as it requires a team of woozens to get together to make the unit. The rules for this contest are below :) You can buy the furni and "decor" from Shopz > Halloween (pictured below):
The unitz to enter in: "Halloween Unitz Design Contest"
The rules and info (if you're interested in entering)
How you can buy the furniture for this contest and enter now! :D
That's pretty much it for today :) Just wanted to inform you guys about this contest if you haven't been online. Also, I might be participating in this contest but I need a team so msg me (at Fairview1) on Woozworld if you're interested in being a part of my team :)

Signing off,

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