January 07, 2017

Your Last Chance !!

Hey guys, happy new year ! I just wanted to let you know of the 2016 Faves section in Shopz. This will be your last chance to get these outfits from the year of 2016 so you better hurry because they're only in Shopz for a limited time ; as of today there gone in 4 days. There is 13 boy outfits as well as 13 girl outfits. They are sold for wooz ranging from the prices of 800-1000. For the boys they are selling the : garnet outfit, biggest summer outfit, IndiZvidual outfit, MixUnderstood outfit, summerease outfit, jolted outfit, damon outfit, chatty outfit, fresco outfit, costa outfit, aladdin outfit, don juan outfit, and last but not least the lars outfit. For the girls they are selling the : villa outfit, carolina outfit, prepaige outfit, coolest summer outfit, Mixfit outfit, diamine outfit, juBilant outfit, emma outfit, crystal outfit, ziggy outfit, yasmine outfit, aurora outfit, and sigrid outfit. If you interested of getting any of these outfits hurry before they're gone ! See you next time :)


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