December 27, 2016

Hand accessories + 100th post!

Happy 100th post ATW! Woot woot! Also, I know I'm a bit late but Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and other holidays :) Hope you had an awesome time with family and friends.

On to the post... Have you seen the brand new hand accessories yet? I'd say these have been a long time coming! The hand accessories are basically a new type of garment (there's also a new category for them in closet and inventory) that lets your woozen hold an object in their hand. The hand accessories as of now include hand warmers, bracelets, rings, nail polish, watches, snacks (i.e. cookies, candy canes etc), phones, sports equipment and more.

And as a heads up, these are not colourable.

Honestly, I think these are not a bad idea. Woozworld is trying to incorporate real world things such as phones, gloves etc in the game, so I get why they're selling these. I also think it won't be long before we get purses, shoulder bags, earrings etc.

So what's your opinion on these new hand accessories? Do you like them? Let me know in comments below.


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