September 27, 2016

How To: Open A Shop

Hey guys! So, many of you might be running short on beex and wondering how you can make some. The best thing is that by opening a shop in Woozworld, you can make some beex and get rid of old clothes at the same time! This is why, today, I'll be guiding and helping you open your very first shop!

1. Choose a UnitZ
You can choose a unit that you already own or check out some others in ShopZ to see which kind of unit you want to see your store in! I like to go with large, rectangular units but that's just my choice :P

2. Gather mannequins
I'd recommend that for a successful shop, the more mannequins the better. Woozens like to step in to a shop and see a whole bunch of mannequins because that usually means more choices as well.
(Recommended: Get at least 10 mannequins) The amount of mannequins also depends on the number of items you have to sell.

3. Clothing 
Load your empty mannequins with any clothes you want to sell (try to add a mix of old and newer clothes to keep woozens interested - otherwise they might think you have nothing that makes your shop worthwhile.)

4. Decorations
Have a general theme or look for your store. What I like to do is that if it's close to a holiday such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day etc, I choose furniture, backgrounds and colours that go with that holiday. For example: for V-day, I use pink. purple, red furniture and lots of hearts and roses. 

5. Background
Set a background to your unit. It isn't necessary but it makes it look like you put a lot of effort into your store.

6. Name it
A lot of shop owners name the shop after themselves (ex: Fairview1 Beex Shop or Fairview1 Cheap Shop.) This gets very boring and who doesn't like an original shop name? Think of something creative but be sure to include SHOP in the name otherwise no one will find it when they search for shops.

7. Invite, invite, invite
After you've shared it to the world, the last important part is advertising. Send invites to your friends (try adding their names in the messages though.) Post it on your Wallz. Add it to EventZ. Advertise in units (but not in the units of other woozens.) Let our blog know, we'll advertise for you! 

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