September 23, 2016

Once Upon A Time...

Summer is officially over! And so is my inactivity... I'm back to posting on the regular. I was actually on vacation and didn't get access to WiFi as often as I'd liked. 

So, I logged onto Woozworld (it's been a while) and I saw that we have cute, fairytale outfits! If you don't know where to find them, open ShopZ and click 'Limited Time'. The little pink and blue bags are the different costumes. I must say, the boy costumes don't live up to their price tag (800 wooz!) But who am I to judge? Here they are:

As you can see, I think a little more time and effort went into the girl outfits. My faves are the Alexandra and Prince Gerald outfits. Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!
Happy Fall <3

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