April 12, 2016

Style Watch #1

 Since so many woozens in Woozworld have such fashionable outfits now, I've decided to start a new series of posts called Style Watch. In each Style Watch, I will show you different outfits modelled by different woozens; outfits I think are fashionable and deserve some recognition. 

What can you do with these?

  • See what the hottest fashions in Woozworld are!
  • If you like an outfit and have the garments, go ahead and wear it :)
  • Be inspired; mix n' match to create your own original ideas
Anyways, so these are pictures of some woozens who have outfits that look stylish (and may be affordable!)

Modelled by: catfangirl
 Modelled by: iloveupeoplebow
Modelled by: Fairview1 (me! :D)
Modelled by: Me, again :D
I hope you were a tad inspired by these pics of awesome woozens and awesome outfits xD Especially the last two...JK JK, but thanks to all the models :D


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