April 07, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Earn Beex!

Do you want to earn beex? Well, then I've got a few simple ways that any woozen can use to earn beex, become rich and buy all the virtual stuff you'll ever need :P Let's begin!

1. Vote or be voted

One simple way of earning beex is voting and being voted (but don't go around asking people for votes over and over again - that gets annoying.) One vote will give you 2 beex so if you're level 50 (like me), voting will give you an easy 160 beex.

2. Wheel of Winz

This wheel of winz appears on the top-right corner every 24 hours and you have the opportunity to win over 1000 beex! So make sure you spin the wheel whenever you can :D

3. Complete Woozband quizzes

You get 25 beex for every quiz (sometimes more) so make sure to complete every quiz the Woozband releases (such as Finish the Lyrics.)

4. Complete daily objectives

Every daily objective gives you over 50 beex to make sure to complete as many as you can.

5. Open a shop

This beex-making way is a little more tough and only works if you have extra unwanted clothing (sorry to all the new woozens.) The good thing about opening a shop is that you'll continue making beex even when you're offline! To get more woozens to visit your shop, put your unit on eventz when you're online and invite friends/advertise on your wallz.

6. Host a game

Another way is hosting a game such as a theme game, color game, twin game etc.  You might be wondering, how do I earn beex from hosting a game? Well, when woozens lose, give them the option to "BUY, TRADE OR BE OUT" and if they choose buy, ta-da, you've got yourself a sale.

So ya, that concludes my 6 easy ways to earn beex in Woozworld. If you've got more, please comment them below and we'll credit you.

Thanks for reading,