April 01, 2016


Hello my fellow readers. This is Fairview1 writing. After many days of thinking and thinking about Woozworld and this blog, I realized something... This blog is no good. Which is why, with a ton of disappointment and a heavy heart, I have come to a decision. All Things Woozworld will be closing forever. I just can't keep up with posting and I'm sure this blog probably doesn't have many loyal readers anyways. If you are a loyal reader, I'm sorry but maybe you'll find another blog... I hope I haven't disappointed too many of you. I'd also like to say sorry to my fellow bloggers and all woozens for letting you down. 

I'm sorry... :'(


Signing off for the last time here on All Things Woozworld, Fairview1

Oh, and another thing...


We're not leaving you guys yet :D Lol, that was just a little prank I wanted to pull on you guys!

I hope you liked it xD I didn't want you guys thinking we were actually shutting down which is why I wrote april fools down here instead on in another post.

Signing off (not for the last time),