April 26, 2016

Ads on the blog?

Hey woozens,

You may have noticed ads on the blog and wondered why...

These ads have been activated ONLY so that we can buy outfits and VIP from the woozworld store and reward our top readers.

Every once in a while, we'll post the username of the woozen who wins the prize so make sure to comment on our posts so we know who you are and that you read our blog :D

To enter for the chance to win, click on ads and COMMENT as much as you can. We guarantee the ads are safe but if you have doubts, let me know the title of the ad in 'contact us.'

Thanks for reading

Hope to reward you guys soon :D


Feeling: Psyched πŸ˜œ
P.S I'm gonna start adding my feeling at the end of every post from now on :D

1 comment:

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