April 20, 2016

3 Woozworld Life Hacks!

Hey Woozens! Sweet here. Today I'll be teaching you 3 woozworld life hacks that you may not have known about...

1. So this first one is pretty obvious but if you hate daily quests like me... just go to the quest and at the bottom of the pop up page will be a red box saying 
 cancel quest!   

2. The second hack is one where you can change your profile picture. You probably know this one because it was introduced with the new woozworld update. But all you gotta do is go to your closet and at the bottom you will see a camera...and what ever outfit you're wearing, will be the outfit you're  wearing in the picture.

3.This is kinda hard to explain so bear with me. But you can improve the quality of your pictures by going to the gear up top of your screen.Press that...
 then press options and once you get there go to picture quality and press high quality.

Hopefully these hacks will help you and give us some requests in our chat bar on our home page or message me on woozworld! See ya!



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