April 18, 2016

Are Woozworld blogs outdated?

Lately, I've been noticing that out of all the Woozworld blogs (and there are tons!), only two or three have been active over the last few months (such as All Things Woozworld.) This has lead me to think; have Woozworld blogs become outdated? Is there a need for so many Woozworld blogs? Should official Woozworld blogs be changed? Let us know what you think in comments below.

Official Woozworld Fansites and their last post date:

Woozworld Burst - domain expired - last post was February 11, 2016

Woozworld Craze - last post was December 25, 2015

Woozworld Little Secrets - active

Woozworld Warriorz - last post was January 17, 2016

Social Wooz - last post was March 29, 2016 (fairly active)

Deadline Rewritten - last post was January 3, 2016

Woozen Watch - last post was March 3, 2016

Woozworld Spies - last post was March 23, 2016

As you can see, most of the official woozworld blogs haven't posted for over a month! Does this mean Woozworld blogs are no longer needed?! We hope not! :'( We love writing posts for you and reading your comments and ideas! Hopefully, All Things Woozworld will never be inactive!

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Let us know your opinions in comments below :)

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