February 02, 2016

Woozguidez No More?

Hey woozens! How many of you have ever been helped by or wanted to be a Woozguide? Probably lots of you! I know I've wanted to be a Woozguide ever since the program started. But sadly, the Woozguidez program is no more :( Apparently, since Woozworld is a growing community (online) we no longer need Woozguidez....But, there is something else coming! We can't tell you what it is right now, but we're working on it!

We decided to interview two random woozens what their opinion was on the Woozguide program being taken away. Here are our conversations:

Conversation 1: Fairview1 with XXCandyBeautyXX and Jaslaurenx

Question 1
Fairview: What did you think of the Woozguidez program? Was it helpful or not?
Candy: I think it was very helpful for those who were just lost and confused! A great help!
Jas: I found it very helpful, it was such a good thing to see new woozens being shown around and being helped out :)

Question 2
Fairview: Did you ever want to be a woozguide?
CandyWell to be honest, not really. I enjoy hosting and playing theme games, trading and hanging out with my friends! Being a woozguide was never a dream of mine
Jas: Yes, I think all of us woozens wanted to be one :)

Question 3
Fairview: Are you sad that the Woozguidez program no longer exists?
Candy: Yes, I think woozens miss it and it helped me around the place! :)
Jas: I am sad, but all good things come to an end

Question 4
Fairview: Would you ever want the Woozguide program to start again? Or should some other program take its place?
Candy: I did enjoy woozguides but I think there should be another program for woozens who are having troubling making friends or levelling up!
Jas: I would suggest another program, because these days more and more Woozens are helping out around the community :)

Fairview: And lastly, what did you think of the former Woozguidez? Were they kind? Did they deserve it?
Candy: I think most of them were fantastic but a few were just greedy, like those scammers and hackers lurking in the shadows all over woozworld! Some of them were rude.
Jas: I think they were all polite and very kind in general, none were snobby or anything. I strongly believe every WoozGuide deserved their title

Fairview: That was all the questions! Thanks for the great responses!
Candy: You're welcome and thanks for being so kind :D
Jas: No problem, thanks for letting me participate in this interview :)

And there you have it folks, this is what woozens genuinely thought about the Woozguidez program!

Fairview1 signing off (still working on the new sign off :P)

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