January 28, 2016

Best Shops Of The Week

I love a sweet bargain, in real and in Woozworld. Who doesn't? So, today, I set out to find some of the best, quality and cheapest shops in Woozworld.

When looking for shops, I look at:
  • Pricing (is it affordable? Is it well-priced or a ripoff?)
  • Quality (are they rare and cheap? Old and expensive?)
  • Owner (is the owner willing to lower? Is he/she kind to woozens?)
  • Shop (is the shop presentable? Is it a decorated unit or is it just a shop with a few mannequins?)
  • Clothing (is it new or old?)
If you think your shop deserves to be featured on our blog, message me on Woozworld or contact us!

Presenting, the best/cheapest shops on Woozworld! Make sure to check em' out:

1. Cheap Rare Beex Shop
There were more than 18 woozens in this shop and I can see why! The prices were awesome and so were the clothes! I grabbed a Flower Bikini Hair for only 1000 beex!

2. refilled cheap rares will go fast
This shop was less popular than the last but its prices were just as good! I scored a beachmas dress for 550 beex! 

Less cheaper than the other two but still affordable and quality clothing :)

4. Lovey Cheap Beex Shop

So there you have it, we've shown you the best shops to buy at right now... obviously there'll be more but be sure to check these out to score some deals :)

Signing out, Fairview1
(new signoff is in the making)

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