September 21, 2015


Ok so... Woozworld (but mostly WoozIn) has gone through a massive update! So big I don't know where to begin explaining the new changes xD But let's begin anyways!

1. New WoozIn Look 

This is how the layout of the new WoozIn is. I've labelled everything you'll need to know :)
1. This is your profile picture! You can now change how you look in your profile picture by going to Inventory>Clothes>Save Profile Picture (a happy face symbol at the bottom bar)
2. My Settings. By clicking this button, you can change your general settings such as your email address, password etc.
3. Woozworld News. This gadget gives you an overview of events and updates from the Woozband. Here, you will see SOTW, announcements by Woozband and Woozworld events.
4. Hot friends! Pretty much the same thing. The only thing that's changed is the background (fiery!)
5. This shows the achievement you've choses to display and the symbol that goes along with it. You can now also see Wooz & Beex.
6. Your status in a new font but still pretty much the same as before the update (click it to edit it)
7. This is your "theme." It can be changed by clicking 'Style Your WoozIN!' at the top right corner. There are a bunch of new themes and now, non-vips also have a few to choose from :D YAY!

8. The 'more' button, when clicked, shows: Arcadz, Leaderboards, Find a Friend, Wooztube, Achievements & Inbox.

Some other updates:

Quest Journal (the new Objectivz)

Activity Center (a new, quick way to earn some beex)

So, that's it for today! Let us know what you think of the new updates in the comments! 

Thanks for reading and see ya on Thursday :D
(New signoff on Thursday) <3

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