September 18, 2015

Top 3 most richest items on Woozworld (in my opinion)

BUNNEH HERE!!! So we are here to talk about my top 3 richest items. OF COURSE WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT WNS SHORTS OMGG!!! Those shorts look good with EVERYTHING! especially frat top or Tropicadorable tank. BUT WE ARENT HERE TO MATCH CLOTHES TOGETHER !!! But seriously, 2nd order of business, Tat sandals, aka goes amazing with wns shorts not much to say about them except they r fab ... Just fab. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ESQ HAIR OR FAB LIKE THOSE IS FAN FAVES PEOPLE TRADE MAX TRADE OF RARES FOR DEM OMGGGGGGGG YASSSS ALL OF THESE RICHEST TOGETHER YASSS YOU WOULD LOOK FAB ^_^. So When you happen to get these let me tell you personally... *Appluad* You are living my life goal ~Bunneh Aka niyahsassy

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