September 12, 2015

Making Time for Woozworld

okai! SO I know some of you guys are not on woozworld as much anymore (Cries- Nooo Not woozworld D=) But Yes, Its True It happens Because Of Darn School and Chores.. BUT im here to help you Make a lil extra time for woozworld! So first.. CHORES! Now, To Make A Lil More time For our wonderful game, get those chores out of the way asap! Like when you wake up and have that extra free time, INSTEAD OF SITTING ON YOUR BUM AND STARING INTO SPACE DO THEM CHORES!! Now, school i know has horrible homework and projects, try to get AS MUCH homework done in school (But do it right getting bad grades can get woozworld TOOKEN FROM YOU). I Hope this helped and i see you on woozworld!

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