September 14, 2015

Guide to: Lockers

First of all, sorry I didn't post on Thursday, I was busy with some personal stuff but I'm back and ready to post! Let's get started; You may have noticed that if you're part of a clique already, you've been receiving a random locker everyday belonging to another clique. If you open a locker (you can only open lockers of your own clique), you'll receive Wooz & Beex!

1. Place the locker you received in your unit. Name your unit like this: Smarty Locker Unopened or Dramz Locker Unopened (depending on what your clique is)

2. Now, someone will open your locker and you won't have to worry about an unopened locker.

3. To find a locker to open, either go to a trade center and announce that you're opening a locker (remember to include what clique you are) Example: "Opening smarty locker! PC me!"

4. Another way to find a locker to open is by searching your clique name in the Unitz Search. Many woozens leave their locker in a Unitz and name that Unitz the name of their clique.

And there you have it, a complete guide for what do with lockers x) 
P.S You'll receive 3-5 wooz and 15 beex per locker you open (nothing is rewarded if your locker is opened)

Catch you on the flipside!