September 01, 2015

Back 2 School Tips

Hello again darlings! Today I'll be posting some Back 2 School tips for all those woozens going back to school soon (or who already have.) 

1. Make as many friends you can!
I don't know how to emphasize this enough. Try to talk to everyone around you whether you know them or not. It's important to have trustworthy friends in your classes to talk to and who can help you!

2. Get to know your teachers
Don't be that one kid that never raises their hand. Participate in class and a good grade is guaranteed!

3. Explore the school/college
Know the best hangouts and the best places to eat lunch 

4. Do your homework
Always complete your homework. Having missing assignments will start effecting your grade eventually.

5. Make sure to have all required school supplies
Teachers love it when a student always has everything needed in class. 

6. Remember your schedule
This way you always know which class you have next even if you don't have your schedule

7. Sleep early and eat healthy
This will help you focus more in class and you won't be tired and hungry all the time!

Thanks for reading, Fairview1 <3

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