March 28, 2016


Hi Woozens!
Im Sky-Heaven
Or Sky for short!

It is a huge privilage to be apart of this family and it is an honour to be able to post things for you guys :D

Basic infomation about Me:
- Whats your name? -          
    I Prefer to be called Sky <3

- How Long Have You been playing Woozworld for? -    
         4 years :D

- What Country Are You From? -
Australia Mate ;D

- What is your favourite Colour? -
Baby Blue For Dayzzzz

- Favorite Thing About Woozworld? -
The Competitions! of course! im a very competitive person, i love to win but im not a bad sport when i loose, Fashion contests are my favourite i love anything fashion related <3

-Are You A Vip?-
Nu :C but soon ;D

-What do you want to be when you are older -
       I Would love to become a lawyer, an enviromental lawyer, i love nature and caring for all of natures animals and i will fight to protect them <3

-Favourite Song? -
Dangerous Woman By Ariana Grande ;D

- What will i see you wearing? -
Blonde--   Long Ponytail
Baby Blue--  Heart Sweater
Baby blue--  Studded heels
Doughnut Symbz ;D

- Your Faithfully <3 Sky