November 09, 2016

WNTM 2016: Everything you need to know

It's November and WNTM is back, baby! This year, Woozworld has taken a totally different approach on WNTM and I'm excited to see the new ideas because honestly, previous WNTMs' have been kind of boring :/ But this year, I'm actually stoked <3

Meet Christine; she's the one who talks to you about WNTM and what to do (she's in charge)
So, basically, this year, WNTM is literally a modelling contest unlike past years. The task will be in your Quests and when you begin it, it'll take you to a set. The woozen there will give you a theme and you have to dress according to that theme. Depending on how many garments you use from ShopZ for that theme, you get that many stars. One item = one star, two items = two stars and so on (unless you're a VIP for which, you get double the stars.) Right now, only one shoot is available but the full contract will kick in November 14th so mark that date on your calendars if you want to get to the top!

There's also some other things related to WNTM such as the Woozarazi collectibles. BUT BEWARE, the 4th task will ask you to find 1000 WOOZARAZI!

That's all for now, toodles!

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