November 11, 2016

Fantastic Fashion and Where To Find Them: Tips

Hey guys! Fair here with the latest update. Woozworld just released a new Quest called: Fantastic Fashion and Where to Find Them (click 'cool' down in reactions if you get what that references to ;P) Basically, they're quests and once you complete them, you get free clothes! How cool is that?! So, I'm doing the first one right now which is 50 friend requests. But you have to hurry because the quests expire on November 16!

Quest #1: Send 50 friend requests (they don't have to accept)
- Tip: Go to a really busy unit and just add all the woozens :P
Prize: Honey Slip-Ons

Quest #2: Visit 150 unitz
- Tip: Visit your own empty unitz first so you don't lag or just use Feeling Lucky
Prize: Pants

I've only reached Quest 2 right now but as soon as I get to quest 3, I will update this post so keep an eye out :3

Toodles, Fair <3

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