June 29, 2016

DIY Summer Projects + Giveaway!

It's hot, it's sunny, it's summer! Woo! Our last DIY (emoji dividers) proved to be very popular so let's welcome this Summer with a fresh, summer-y DIY! Read the whole post to find out a special surprise ;) 

POM-POM Headphones

Step 1:
Gather the materials needed to create these vibrant headphones!
  • Headphones (any brand, any type works good)
  • Pom-poms
  • Hot glue gun (use with caution)

Step 2:
Take a pom-pom and open the middle: it should look like this:

Step 3:
Take your headphones and put the wire through the pom pom. 

Step 4:
Apply hot glue to close the pom pom:

Step 5: 
Press the pom pom and you should now have this:

Step 6: 
Repeat and keep adding more pom poms! In the end, you'll have bright, fluffy headphones :)

And for those of you here for the surprise... I'll be doing a giveaway!!! Thanks for helping us reach over 6000 views in just a couple of months :) You guys deserve this!

To enter you can do any of the following:
***each gives one entry into the draw so the more of these you do, 
the better chances of winning you have***

1. Comment on any of our posts 
2. Follow us on Google+ at Woozworld Fairview1
3. Submit a woozen for Woozen Of The Month

Prizes include any of these: TotallyTubular Hair, MyllieGoulding, Urban Blossom, the new prom outfits and more! There will be different prizes for boys :)
Enjoy! XOXO

P.S New signoff :D

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