June 09, 2016

All NEW Bank Of Beex!

Have you ever had more wooz than beex? Have you ever thought that beex is more useful than wooz in Woozworld nowadays? What are you supposed to do with the wooz? Well... now you can use your extra wooz to buy some beex!

Go to ShopZ and on the left side, there's a new category named 'Bank Of Beex!'

7500 Wooz = 54,000 beex
3600 Wooz = 26,300 beex
1800 Wooz = 12,300 beex
1100 Wooz = 7500 beex
500 Wooz = 3500 beex

And... there's four new limited-time faces in ShopZ:

And... there's also UnikZ available for beex!!

I guess Woozworld has a lot of new ideas lately :)

Signing off, XOXO

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