May 06, 2016

DIY Candle: Last-minute Mother's Day Gift!

Hello readers! As you know, Mother's Day is soon approaching on May 8th, 2016. If you haven't gotten your mom anything yet, don't worry. Today, I'll show you an easy DIY gift you can make for your mother (or grandma):

DIY Candles

  • Wax (paraffin works fine or you can use the wax of old candles)
  • Tissue paper (like Kleenex)
  • Hot glue
  • 2 pens + elastic bands
  • Glass container (like the one in the picture above)
  • Pot + water

Step 1: Take your tissue paper and start rolling it. Make sure to make it thin. When you think it is long enough, cut it. 

After cut, it should look like this:

Make a loop at the bottom like this:

Step 2: Glue the loop (at the bottom of the tissue paper) in the middle of the glass container:

Step 3: Take two pens and place them around the tissue paper. Tie the ends of the pens with elastics. Doing this will make sure the tissue paper stays straight:

Step 4: Next, put all the wax (used or new) in a glass bowl and put the bowl in a pot filled with hot water (DO NOT DO WITHOUT PARENT PERMISSION)

Step 5: When the wax is fully melted, pour it into the glass container with the tissue paper. Let it cool.

Step 6: After fully cooled, take off the pens and cut the tissue paper to the size you want it. 

TA DA! You've finished your beautiful candle! If you want, you can decorate the container or make another one and put some MOM stickers on it. It's up to you!

Light up the candle and enjoy!

Hope you have a GREAT Mother's day! Be sure to make a card for your mom to let her know how much you love her :) <3

Fairview1 XOXO

P.S The images are from the internet :P

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