December 01, 2015

Happy December + Exclusive Scoops!

The date is December 1st and the holiday season is drawing nearer! School will soon be out for winter break and we'll be sipping on hot cocoa and candy canes (hopefully!) So, does Woozworld have anything in store for us this December? The answer is YES! All Things Woozworld reporters have gotten some pretty major scoops from Woozworld staff & woozens. 

So here are some things you should be looking forward to in Woozworld this December:

- Of course there will be the Christmas related tasks and objectivz. Unfortunately, we could get no information on what they'll be but we're told they are something to look forward to!

- Remember the cliques and the lockers that happened sometime in September? Well, we're told something similar to the lockers is coming our way in December! But obviously, it'll have nothing to do with lockers :P

- New outfits for the Christmas season! Yay!

- And finally, there will be some MAJOR (but not TOO major) updates. There WILL be a new inventory (confirmed by our exclusive insider!)

So there you have it! These are some things to look forward to this December!

Also, be prepared for our regular updates on the blog (new header, new signoff, new music etc) And this December on All Things Woozworld, we'll be posting a bunch of recipes, crafts etc for Christmas/Winter :D

I know I'm super excited for this winter season, are YOU?

Fairview1 (new signoff coming soon!)

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