July 04, 2015

AWESOME new updates on Woozworld

Good afternoon 'thingies'! (what do you think of that nickame?) Everyone's familiar with the problem of stolen accounts on Woozworld. Luckily, woozworld had made a step towards trying to fix that: security question! I personally love this update. Atleast it will decrease chances of someone hacking into your account so I would give this update a 5/5 :)

Something else new is FREE WOOZ (by watching sponsored videos) This update isn't new actually because it used to be there but then Woozworld removed it, (idk why because I personally really liked it.) So, go to Shopz and click on the thing circled below:

 The next update is for VIPS. All VIPS will now receive a free gift every month. As soon as one of my friends gets something, I wil let you guys know in the comments below :)

P.S Happy 4th Of July!

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